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Dive Sites of the Similan islands National Park

The Similan Islands national park and the Surin Islands national park, regroup all the dive sites of the West coast of Thailand Andaman sea.

The Similan islands is an archipelagos of 9 granitique islands with turquoise water, white sandy beach and huge granite boulders.
Norht of the Similan islands is located 2 more islands parts of the national park.

Koh Bon, limestone island famous for it s dive site with frequent sighting of Manta Rays.

Koh Tachai, similar looking to Similan, with a long white sand beach and granite boulder, one of the best dive site around. A huge granitic plateau near the coast is covered of seafans, anemonies, quite strong curents bring a lof of plancton and food for the fish.
This dive site is a real aquarium with trevally, baracudas swimming frenetically around.

Then part of the Surin islands national park, Richelieu Rock, the world famous dive sites discovered by Jacques Cousteau and the most interesting and beautiful dive site around.

Richelieu Rock

Richelieu Rock is considered the Best dive site of Thailand. Why? To truly understand why, you need to dive Richelieu Rock, the dive site is a limestone pinnacle a few miles from the Surin islands heading toward the coast of Thailand. Emerging from 400…

Whale Shark

Similan Islands

The Similan Islands is an archipelagos of 9 islands located on the west cost of Thailand. These islands are a perfect place for scuba diving, huge granite bolder, fringing reefs, clear water (20-30m), the Similan islands water temperature is around 26-30 degree during diving…