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Frequently Asked Questions about Diving on Liveaboards

Q:What to bring for the liveaboard trip?
At check-in process:

  • You will need to bring your dive certification card
  • Log book (if any)
  • Medical certificate if you have any health issues
  • Every diver is recommended to have their own dive insurance. If you don’t have one, we can offer different insurance package for extra charge.

On the boat:

  • Sun protection
  • Towel (one towel is provided per person so you can bring an extra towel for after shower)
  • A few set of clothes & Sweater (for watching stars at night)
  • Extra cash for tips, beers or soft-drinks
  • Log Book
Q:Can I fly after the trip?
For day trip diving (2 dives), it is ok to fly after 18 hours of surface interval (but the best is to wait at least 24 hours). For liveaboard trip, you must wait at least 24 hours after the last dive to fly safely.
Q:Can I do any dive courses during the trip?
Yes you can. However, it is better to book in advance so we can prepare the course material and dive instructor. Advanced Open Water and Nitrox course are very popular choice and recommended for the liveaboard. Specialty course like Deep, Photography, Wreck Dive can also be done during the trip.
Q:How to get to Khao Lak? nearest airport?
The nearest airport to Khao Lak is Phuket International Airport (about 1.5 hour drive).
The easiest way is to fly to Phuket and take a private taxi to Khao Lak. We can book a reliable taxi service for you at a much cheaper rate than the one you get from the airport.
If you think about taking a public bus from the airport to Khao Lak, for sure it will be cheap, but there is no direct line so you will wait your precious holiday s time in public transport for few buck diferents. Better stick to the tax.
If you are in Bangkok there is a lot of cheap flight Bangkok Phuket, or you can take a night bus from Bangkok to Khao Lak ( 11 to 13h).
Q:What is water temperature? Do I need a long wetsuit?
Water temperature is between 26 and 30 degree trough the season, we do get some termocline around 23-25 degrees, so better where a wetsuit. 3mm Shorty is enought and the standard wetsuit we wear at the Similan islands, full length are available for rent as well if you get chilly.
If you think about no wearing a wetsuit we will not recommend it, has you will do 4 dives a day and your body will get cold from the 2 dive on.
Q:When is the best time to visit?
The Similan islands national ark open from 15 October to 15 of Mai,
the weather is mostly dry during these month and the sea very flat.
The sunniest time is around December to end of March and it s as well the Manta rays and whale shark season, so it s a good time to visit.
The visibility is always pretty good between 20 to 35m.
Q:Do I need to make reservation in advance?
Yes you do, most liveaboard a full 1 or 2 month in Advanced, we have many divers who comes and complain everything is full and they can not joins the liveaboard, if you want to try to find a last minute place on the spot, we have a special offer section where you can find the last minutes liveabaord with a few spaces left.
Between December and March it will be dificult to get on the boat you want if you don t book it at least 3 month advance.
Q:How is the visibility?
Very good, 20-35m most of the time, sometimes we get some plankton current which drops the visibility a bit but bring the giants Manta ray and all the food for the marine life.
Q:Is there jelly fish?
No many a the Similan, if there is, they get washed on the shore and are not on the dive sites.
Q:What happen if the weather is bad?
The Weather is rarely so bad that we can not dive, if it s cloudy and a bit of rain no trouble. The Similan are open during the dry season October to Mai, so we get a pretty good weather during this time of the year.
WE do get Storm sometimes, if there is a storm and the boat departure is cancelled, then you get a full refund.
Q:Do I need insurance?
We highly recommend you to get a dive insurance for the trip, diving is very safe, but if a diving accident occurs it usually cost a lot of money, the transfer back to land cost 45000 Baht already + decompression chamber etc… Better get an insurance, we can provide you one for 250 Baht a day only!! It can save you a lot of money!!
Q:If I have not dive for many years, can I join the trip?
For security reason, we ask divers who haven t dive for a while to take refresh course before departure, you can do that before going in holidays with you local dive center or a few days before departure with us.
So you are ready to fully enjoy your diving liveaboard safely.
Q:What kind of food will be provided on the boat?
Usually Breafast: Cereals, milk, bread, toast, bacon, eggs, fruits, jam, saussages etc..
Snacks: fruits, cheese, olives, pancake
Lunch and Diner: Thai, European cuisine, vegetable, rice, meat etc…

If you are Vegan or Vegetaria, you can ask onboard for special meals, let us know up front so we can plan supplies for the boat.

Q:Can I join the trip if I am only OW certified?
Yes you can, be we will advise you to take your Advanced course onboard, so you can dive to 30m and fully enjoy the dive sites without the 18m depth limitation. You will as well become a much better diver, and be able to do the night dives.
Q:How will the dive group be arranged?
The dive groupes are arrange be divers level, 4 or 5 divers with 1 dive guide. If a couple want to dive together but the level is diferent no problems, they will follow the lower certification and join a group.
Q:What are gonna see?
Marine life of Thailand is amazing, and there is a lot to see.

  • Trevally
  • Grouper
  • Moray Eels
  • Shark
  • Clow fish
  • Nudibranch
  • Shrimnps & Crabs
  • Snapper
  • Turtles
  • Corals
  • Manta Rays
  • Whale Shark
  • And so much more!!!
Q:How many dives can I do in one day?
Usually dives a day and 2 or 3 dives on the last day depending on liveaboard.
If you think it s a lot, you can skip some dives but the price does not change, has the prices are related to beeing on the boat and not the number of dives.
4 Dives a day is quite easy and you have long surface interval to relax and sleep.
Q:Are Night Dives included?
Depending on the liveaboard you might do 1 or 2 night dives, you need to be Advanced open water to be able to do the night dive of take part of the night dive adventure dive course.
Some liveaboard have extra rental fees for torches.
Q:What are National Marine Park Fees and Visa fees?
The marine park fees are entrance fees to be paid to the Thai government for every person entering the marine part, plus a daily fees for divers. 400 Baht entrance Fees + 200 Baht per day for diving. ( Exemple: 4 days: 4*200+400=1200 Baht)
There is 2 marine park, the Similan islands, and the Surin islands (Richelieu Rock).
Q:Can I recharge my Cameras, strobes and batteries?
Yes there is 220V plug in each cabin and common areas.
Q:How deep are the dive sites?
The dives sites of the Similan and Surin islands have most of there interesting parts between 10 to 30m. So being an Advanced diver is better, but most of the dive sites are suitable for Open Water divers as well.
Q:What about tipping?
Feel free to tip the Thai Crew & Dive Guides, they will be very thankfull, salary are not like in Europe around here, and the tip are a big part of the incomes of the Thai Crew and Dive Guide.
They all work very hard to make your trip the best, so reward them with what you can.
Q:3% Credit Card Fees, Why?
In Thailand, all payment by card are charge by the bank with 3-5% fees depending on the card.
If you want to pay by car you will be charged these fees.
Better for you to pay Cash or Online with Us as WE DO NOT CHARGE CREDIT CARD FEES FOR ONLINE PAYMENT!!!
That a very good reason to book with us. You save some money again.